Install a Wire Mesh Fence on a Hill

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Installing a wire mesh fence is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process, but on level ground it involves no specialized skills and is within the realm of anyone with an do-it-yourself spirit. Installing the same fence on a hill, however, demands measurements, calculations and advance planning to achieve a neat, orderly appearance. This is because the mesh of the wire fence creates a continuous barrier, and continuous barriers look messy if they follow the slope at an angle. Instead, the mesh must remain level, and that means using a method known as "stepping.
Begin by placing your corner posts. This is always the most important step and is always the first. These must be the best material possible and be sunk into concrete for at least 24 inches. They need to cure for at least 72 hours.
Using a guide string and some stakes, run a line from corner post to corner post. Place a stake everywhere the line comes into contact with the ground. These are places you will need to put another brace post.
Place your brace posts where you have marked the line with stakes. Again, these will need to be very sturdy and set with concrete. The simplest version is the "H" brace. This design will suffice.
Run your fence from brace post to brace post. Because you are building on a hill, you will be building the fence in a step pattern, so you will need to stretch and tighten the fence at each "H" brace.
Keep your fence taut, and when you are complete with the first whole section of the line from corner post to corner post, go back and retighten the lines to make sure the fence is at full tension. It is important to go back over your work, to make sure the fence is correct at every brace post.


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