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  Jinzheng provides a wide range of temporary fencing systems and products, including:
   Welded temporary fence
   Woven temp fence
   Chain link temporary fence
  Temporary fencing with frames For the construction industry, the benefits of temporary fence are multiple. More often than not, it is impractical to move valuable equipment daily, especially large pieces of equipment or machinery.
  Temporary fence provides security at construction sites and adds protection against potential theft, especially when the temporary fence is utilized with windscreen or privacy screen. Windscreen does exactly what it is intended to do, but it also acts as a privacy screen and when installed properly, minimizes exposing your valuables to potential thieves.
 Surface treatment:Galvanized;Vinyl coated;PVC coated.
Popular specification:
1) Temporary fence panel with welded wire mesh infilling
• Wire diameter: 3mm,
• Mesh size: 75x150mm,
• Height x Length: 2.1 x 2.3m
• Framed pipe: 32x2mm,
• Plastic feet: 55x25x13cm
• Clip: Hole distance: 75mm
• Surface treament: Pre-galvanized wire and tube welded, pvc or pe coated after welded
2) Temporary fence panel with chain link mesh infilling
• Wire diameter: 2.5mm
• Hole size: 60x60mm
• Height x Length: 2.1 x 2.3m
• pipe: 32x2mm(thickness)
• Plastic feet: 55x25x13cm
• Clip: Distance of hole is 75mm



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