Types of Noise Barriers

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  Railway noise barrier are designed, manufactured & tested all in house to our rigid engineering and quality standards. Environmentally sound as the absorption core is made from recycled PET plastic.
  Railway noise barrier composition:
Perforated outer skin with a ploymax internal panel core material, sold rear face,H post.
The outer metal skin has a nominal Rw rating of 26 to 28 which may increase slightly with the inner perforated lining and the insulation material.
The 23% open perforated metal facing as detailed below is unlikely to significantly degrade the Polymax core performance and hence noise barrier provides a high level of sound absorption (estimated at 0.90 or greater).
Bridges Sound Barrier Chinese cities, almost every city has viaduct to ease traffic pressure, but the viaduct pros and cons , and clear the traffic , but also resulted in a greater surface noise , while the viaduct sound barrier for the city to reduce the noise, and its aesthetic appearance of the city has also become a beautiful landscape .
Product description:
1 , Material: Metal ; galvanized steel, aluminum
2 , shape: ( bump ) plug sound barrier , sound barrier with transparent panels
3 , hole : hole -type metal sound barrier ; hole sound barrier to better absorb noise.
Highway noise barriers help in absorbing the noise generating from vehicles on a heavy vehicular traffic area. Thus noise barriers have proven to be effective in absorbing noise and providing an excellent solution to susidize noise for highway, residential areas near the busy roads, and also for schools, hospitals.
Advantages of highway noise barrier:
•Light transmission
The light transmission of the sheet is quite good which is up to 85%.
•Weather resistance
The weather resistant treatment of anti UV on the surface of the sheet prevents the resin from turning yellow by causing Ultraviolet ray.
• PC celotex sheet
The UV agent has chemical bond to change ultraviolet ray into visible light ,which has a stable effect on the photsynthesis of plants.
•Fire retardant
Its impact strength is 10 times of the ordinary ray glass, 3-5 times of the ordinary corrugated roofing sheet and 2times of toughened glass .It is hardly broken.
•Temperature property
In the temperature from -40C to 120C, the product will not deform.
•Light weight
It is light in weight ,easy to handle and drill,convenient for construction and procession .
When cutting for installation ,it is not easy to be broken.
Residential Sound Barrier Products Features
Sound absorption window is made of triple glazing glass and frame. The thickness of the glass is different to avoid coincidence effect. The sound insulation material which filled in the frame absorbs the sound wave which gets through the glass. This make different frequency sound can be isolated. The glass can be chosen from flat glass, synthetic glass, toughened glass and safety glassed. It featured high sound insulation (30-50 dBA) and light-admitting quality (>85%).
Benefits of Residential Sound Barrier
Sound barricades, when correctly installed and built to the appropriate height, can help one escape the constant noise coming from an outside source. Having fencing that is the proper thickness is important, as the absence of a gap, hole, or any other sort of opening in the fencing assures the complete obstruction of sound waves. By having an appropriately sized wall in the form of a noise barricade, ear-splitting neighbours can be kept at bay, students can concentrate easily on their studies during their exams, and children can enjoy outdoor activities such as playing in the backyard on the weekends in peace and quiet.
Our Advantage
Firstly, the sound barriers we specialize in help to block the extreme sound waves, lessening the noise coming directly from the source.
Secondly, our sound barrier fences are tough enough through our use of reinforced material to withstand various climatic conditions.
Thirdly, our fences look elegant, aesthetic, and appropriate for any location. Simply contact us if you have any questions.
While a noise barrier can be made out of almost anything that doesn't let sound pass right through it, the measurement of 20 kilograms per square meter is the official measurement of density that acts as a baseline. Any material with that amount of density works as an efficient noise break, regardless as to whether it's made from wood, metal or concrete.



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